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How to use?

It's very ease to use the phpGladeTool, following the steps below:

1. Do the download of the phpGladeTool(click here)
2. After the download, unpack the file on your prefered directory
3. Run the phpGladeTool.php file($[~/phpGladeTool]: php phpGladeTool.php)
4. An screen like that appears:

5. Select the xml file generated by Glade:

6. Select the directory where the php-gtk code will be placed:

7. Fill the name of the Class:

8. Click in Generate code button
9. If all it's ok, this screen appears

Some details:
1. The name of the Class, that you give(example: phpGladeTool), will be used to generated classes, being the class that contains the code of GTK it will be add "_Gtk" at the end, it will like "phpGladeTool_Gtk".
2. The name of the Class, that you give, will be used too for the name of files.

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